Happiness2 Day 77 (4/7)

Today I was happy to make it through the day. I only took yesterday off to recover from my vaccine, but today the bicep that got the shot felt like lead, my sinuses were super stuffy, and I’ve had a splitting headache all day.

Happiness2 Day 76 (4/6)

Two happy things today, tied for top spot: I got my second dose of vaccine today (and had wisely already taken the day off work, so I got to spend the majority of the day lying on the couch, watching TV); and Kim got an invitation to go back to school in person! It’s just Wednesday mornings, but at least it’s something! She’ll start after Spring Break (which is next week).

Happiness2 Day 75 (4/5)

Today Kim was telling me about something that happened at (virtual) school and how she handled it, and as we were talking, she called me Mom very unselfconsciously. Usually, when she calls me Mom instead of Helen, she’s very pointed about it, to make sure I notice. It made me happy that that title (at least appeared to) slip out naturally.

Happiness2 Day 74 (4/4–Easter!)

The whole day made me happy. Today was a great way to spend Easter Sunday. I slept in, bummed around, and when Matt and Kim left to go grocery shopping, I took the opportunity to fill the plastic eggs I had picked up yesterday with candy ( jelly beans and Hershey’s kisses) and cash and hide them in the living room, kitchen, and outside, because I knew Kim really wanted to do an Easter egg hunt. When they came back, I let her know I had hidden 19 eggs in the house and 3 outside, and she went around gathering them, eventually creating what I dubbed a nest left by a giant psychedelic chicken:

Nest of a giant psychedelic chicken, amiright?

She had a lot of fun finding the eggs, and she had also had a lot of fun finding the Easter basket Matt hid for her before we went to bed last night.

I spent more time relaxing, then we went to the birthday party for two-year-old Dhilan, which was held in the park and involved cupcakes and bubbles. Little kids and bubbles is always fun to watch. Then we came back home and entertained our friend Carolyn for a grilled Easter dinner of steak (which I didn’t eat), potatoes (which she didn’t eat), salmon, and broccoli. We capped off dinner with a special Easter dessert: Peeps s’mores. So much better than a regular s’more!

Anyway, the whole day made me happy, it was even worth finishing the day smelling like a campfire.